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A priest finds a 13 year old boy in the …

A priest finds a 13 year old boy in the woods;”What are you doing, boy?” The priest asked loudly, seeing the boy curled over himself with his pants at his ankles.

The boy was startled and immediately pulled up his pants. Stammering, he said “This is the only place I thought I could have any privacy, Father.”

“My son, your body is sacred. To do as you were is a sin in the eyes of God, you must save it for when you are married.”

The boy was confused, but accepted the priest’s words. He apologized and made his way home.

15 years later, the day before his wedding, he returned to speak with the priest. They greeted one another and after some conversation he said “Listen, Father, I have a question that I need answered.”

“You may ask me anything.”

“When I was a kid and you found me in the woods that one day, you told me that I had to ‘save it’ for when I’m married.”

“Yes, and have you done as I said?”

“Well, that’s what I wanted to ask about. I’m getting married tomorrow, and I’ve got a barrel full of the stuff in my back yard. But what am I supposed to do with it?”

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