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A tale of three sinners;A chain smoker, …

A tale of three sinners;A chain smoker, an alcoholic, and a gay man are standing in heaven. Jesus tells them “I am giving the three of you a second chance at life, but if any of you repeat your past mistakes, you’re going to Hell.” He then sends them back down to Earth. A few days later, they are walking down the street together, talking about how they plan on living their new lives. They walk past a bar, and it perks the alcoholic’s interest. The others tell him “don’t do it, it’s not worth it,” but he gives in. He walks in the bar and orders a drink, then dies as soon as the drink touches his lips. The other two then walk in the bar, and realize that Jesus really will kill them if they mess up. The gay man and the chain smoker leave the bar and continue to walk down the road, when the smoker notices an unopened pack of cigarettes on the ground. The smoker appears as if he is being tempted, when the gay man says “if you bend down to pick up those smokes we are both going to die!”

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